onlystrongpursuits replied to your post: hahaha stay away from cyclobenzaprine …

Gah no I love that shit it makes me feel amazing send it my way please

i’ve been on it for a year on and off and everytime i start taking it again i KNOW this will happen yet i do it anyways

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hahaha stay away from cyclobenzaprine unless you want to sleep all day and wake up already dissociating 

its supposed to help my hip and help me sleep but all it does is make me feel like my brain’s operating on a strange frequency and i can’t think at all when im on it

and i cant sleep without help anymore

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my position on psychiatric drugs is that they should be prescribed on the basis of informed consent.

informed consent means not having a nurse hold down an 18 year old kid while they’re given an injection.

informed consent means not…

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Forgive me if I don’t cry for Iggy Azalea right here. I’m a feminist — a white one, at that — and Snoop Dogg is an unforgivable misogynist. Always has been. But Iggy Azalea being the victim of sexism doesn’t make her less of a perpetrator of racism and appropriation. And when the Internet — and the world — leaps to her defense but is silent about attacks on black women? That silence is deafening. Olivia Cole (via euo)

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my thesis so far

adoption triad birth mother birth parent IDENTITY FORMATION biological essentialism family structure open adoption reunification retrospective positive correlation perceived control SEPARATION GRIEF narrative dichotomy dialectical NARRATIVE formation

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